The basic idea of the game is as old as the wheel. The stone – rock – ball, which was thrown in a specific direction in order to reach a particular target, was needed for survival reasons at the beginning and has evolved into a pleasant sport and engagement on our days.

Various variations have been discovered over the centuries in many parts of the earth. In Caesar’s years, the Alpine people played an early version of the game of bowling.

Now Bowling has taken its place in the global sports family and is played by millions of people in over 90 countries of the world. It has been recognized as a skill sport by the International Olympic Committee and is on the list of sports to enter in the Olympics program.

At the beginning of the new millennium, bowling as a sport with such a long history seems to have an even bigger future!

How to play Bowling

Bowling is played on specially designed corridors, 24 meters long, made of wood and specific proportions. The player from the one end of the corridor lets the ball roll to the edge where the pins are placed in a special formation. Your goal is to score points by hitting and dropping as many pins as you can.

Basic rules

  • Be ready to play when your turn comes.
  • Remember that the player on your right always has priority.
  • If a player on the left has taken the ball before you, let him throw the ball first.
  • Always stay in the place you are entitled to. After the ball hits the pins, then you have to go back to the reach area.
  • We always wait for the machine to pile up and then fire our shot.
  • Be sure to wear the right shoes and do not bring food, drinks or cigarettes in the hallway.
  • You never bother any player who has taken his place and is ready to throw.
  • Always stand behind the foul line.

Correct body position

You start from the front line with 4.5 normal steps, having the pins behind you. You swing to the pins and align one foot with one of the approaching points. Prefer the center or the one on the right. Your left leg has to be slightly ahead. Both legs face straight ahead, but you have to leave a distance of 10 – 15 cm between them. Bend firmly your waist as you approach. Always stand at the same point when you throw the ball, do not move. If you are left-handed you simply reverse the process.

Holding of the ball

You hold the ball with both hands. The thumb and the two middle fingers go into the holes. The tips of the small fingers touch the ball. Your elbows touch the body. The hips and shoulders have to be exactly in opposite direction of the target, not in an angle. Bent your knees slightly forward. Are you ready for your first strike?

Point scoring

A complete game consists of 10 rounds. In each round you have 2 chances to throw. If you strike, your round ends and the next player starts. If you spare in the 10th round, you are entitled to throw again. If you strike in the 10th round, you are entitled to throw another two times.
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